The hurried steps that echoed on the walls travelled through the narrow streets. Ever so often, the loud noise of a rushing motorcycle would interrupt the otherwise rhythmic sounds of the summer’s night. She was however, undeterred on her juliet balcony, eyes drawn to heaven bound, returning the smile of the crescent moon, and marvelled at the stars winking down to her.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the loud commotion that erupted across the street. A small crowd gathered as the neighborhood bully, as usual fed his pride by beating up his new victim. The slender figure, pinned down, receiving blow after blow, cried for mercy. His failed attempt to block the attacks was evident from the stain of blood being painted on his shirt. To the contrary, everyone else was having a field day watching a live fight.

She could not take it anymore. She screamed, “Hey you! Get off of him!”

And that was when her mother dashed to the balcony and asked her, “What’s going on? Why are you shouting?”

“That bully is beating up that kid. And everyone is gathered for entertainment,” she replied. “We have to stop…” before she could finish her mother interrupted.

“No! It doesn’t concern us. And young lady, you shouldn’t be shouting.”

“I’m not shouting. I’m trying to help that poor kid,” she blurted out in anger.

“That’s enough!” her mother snapped and walked away.

She swallowed her retort and kept staring at her mother’s receding back. Tears glistening from her angry eyes.

Is it wrong for a girl to raise her voice no matter what is going on in front of her, for she might be portrayed as being less ‘lady-like’ and hurt the delusional dogma?

Is it wrong to stop the brutality inflicted on the helpless because it does not concern you?

Often times we are being hushed for various reasons. And most of the times for speaking the truth. If this is wrong, then what is right?


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