The Puppet Master

“My dear boy, you only have to…”, whispered the Master.

And the boy listened. Listened intently. Breathing in the aroma of the brewing plan. Savouring each and every word. The boy was like a connoisseur. Swishing every word around his mind with proper care. Tasting the hidden subtleness, picking up the precise ones, and weaving the web of deceit. He was the chosen expert, hand picked by the Master.

Perfect! Now he was ready to cast his net. To charm and play with the frail hearts. He scattered the carefully fabricated words. As anticipated, the crowd roared up with fury. Blindly gobbling up and connecting the dots. Equipped to spread the fire of hatred. And he smiled foreseeing his advancement.

Covertly behind the curtain, the Master was in jubilation. A victorious smirk on his dark face.

Are you a victim of partial evidence? Have you ever dared to question the mirage in front of you? Has your mind been decimated by tyranny?

It is time for you to wake up!


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