The arrogant spring,
Boldly flaunts her blossomed skirt-
Forgets the winter.

In resurrection,
Humble grass arise with glee,
Beating countless crush.

Reigning entire world,
Day plunders in manifold,
Blinding everything.

Fearful timid dawn,
Ebbing into nothingness,
Desires for the night.

Ocean swells with pride,
Lifting up her bosom waves-
Dies in fine white lace.

Never tiring rill,
Quenches traveller’s dry lips,
Beaming under praise.

With a flitting touch,
Zephyr floats for her own whim,
Scoffing at tawdry.

Men in his naivety,
Ventures to capture the world,
Astray, full of greed.


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