The Unexpected Helper

Trying to hide from the seeping cold, her hands buried itself deeper into the pockets of her coat. Among the disarrayed crowd, she was waiting impatiently for the bus. Like everyone else she was anxious to flee from the crispy cold and find refuge in the warmth of her home.

Her thoughts were shattered by the approaching ruckus. Several heads turned. A rebellious group of teenagers approached. Their sure steps occupied the pavement. Grown up too fast, dressed to look like anything but decent, and surely up to no good. A reflection of annoyance attacked them from all sides.

The boys stopped just an arm’s length from what appeared to be an invisible object on the side of the pavement, but not anymore. One of the boys, as if almost out of character, spoke up very kindly.
“Excuse me sir, this is for you.”

Startled, the balled up layer of rag sat up. The boy carefully handed the old man a box of food and left.

From what she saw, it was the first time anybody noticed the homeless man, who was silently enduring the piercing cold.

On her way home, thoughts started to jostle back and forth. In conflict with her. Cursing her. Have we become so judgmental that we jump at the mere appearance of someone? Are we so occupied with our own greed that we do not even notice the helpless right in front of us?

Questions echoed, refusing to yield, battling for an answer. The swarming facade of good surrounding her was almost smothering.

Think about it.


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