Keeper Of Secrets

Falling ripples in attire of different hues,
Roaming over, devouring everything.
Seeing, hearing, yet ignores.
Through the spreading of old cracks,
Muses of oil lamp merge with lulls,
Dispiriting the orchestra of crickets.
Soothing her precious children to slumber,
A mother retires, mirroring their sweet smile.
Shadow of a serpent manifests then,
Like a lurching storm, it strikes,
A shriek thunders,
As if to split the earth’s bosom.
Down the street in oblivion,
An old man trotters in hidden layers,
Rejected, abandoned, forgotten,
Seeking a dwelling from piercing cold.
Ahead in the comfort of eiderdown,
A temptress hunting her prey.
Magnifying the spark, building an inferno,
Behind the closed blinds.
The world, under siege,
From the never ending darkness,
Craving to plot, collecting deeds.


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