Meet Me Under The Azure Sky

A soft tap on my door,
Yearning to be heard,
In the blossoming month of May.
From the depth of my soul,
Surging waves of curiosity erupt.
I tiptoed barefoot and uncertain
To unlock the fragile wings,
To glide as one with the spring zephyr,
Into the arms of this beautiful stranger.
Shedding the coat of inhibition,
Crossing the forbidden threshold,
With this untamed heart of mine,
Wanting refuge in his arms.
I trod down this dreamy path.
My eyes drank to quench.
My mind dizzied by sweet perfume.
Delicious warmth washed in,
Tousling my already tangled hair.
Like a caress from a forgotten lover,
Imprisoned by tender sensations,
Chaotic array in my chest,
Battling to be let out,
As a confetti of enchanting notes,
Into the azure sky.
Lying down with a hush,
To admire the vastness,
To sing with the carolling clouds.
And as the world blushed,
Sprinkled with perfect scarlet,
With a subtle smile on my lips,
I knew then, I just knew.


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