Unsteady tiny feet,
posing for a photo,
near the hibiscus tree,
holding a flower in hand,
pretty in a pink frock,
takes me home.

Tossing a shiny stone,
jumping up and down,
stamping on the ground,
ahead on the squares,
playing hopscotch with kin,
takes me home.

The big wooden swing,
going higher and higher,
singing my heart out,
to the shy ladybirds,
I still have to catch,
takes me home.

The laughter on the street,
echoing in my ears,
as rain pours down,
playing with neighbors,
making a splash,
takes me home.

Sitting on grandma’s lap,
listening to mesmeric stories,
of the stars, moon, and sun kneeling,
an escaped teardrop,
for the betrayed,
takes me home.

The blessing from dome,
calling out to people,
the time of dusk,
recitation from every house,
the peace outside,
takes me home.

Staring at the space,
cold wind on my face,
a longing in my bones,
whispers only I hear,
with an endless patience,
for I miss you my home.


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