I Dream Of The Sea

Smoke blurred my vision,
as I moved to listen.
Who could this be,
saw him chant a mantra.
Calling out for his allies,
the shadows from the other side.
My feet touched something,
looked down and saw water.
Oh come! Do come to me,
whispered the disembodied voice.
Deep into the water I walked,
the face of doom rising up.
Cold fingers clutching my neck,
suffocation dawn on me.
I wriggled for air,
fighting with the unseen.
Woke up with a sudden jolt,
alien with the present reality.
Lying very still,
soaked with sweat.
Terrified to move an inch,
trying to read into my dreams.
The forceful steps headed to sea,
looking out at its vastness.
A sad tear rolled down my cheek,
as realization sank.
Yearning for the songs of yesterday,
I said goodbye to my beloved sea.


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