… a kind of love

A traveller’s dwelling,
assured with the softness of rose bedding.
A melody in disguise,
given birth by eloquent words.
An enigmatic smile,
which murk the mockers.
An unfolding of an unknown presence,
witnessed by the onlookers.
A mere three words “I love you”,
which weighs immeasurable.
A kind of love,
I know…


A heartfelt poem framed neatly on the shelf looks good to the eye. The eternal togetherness amidst all the hurdles can be acceptable on the screen. The thick compiled papers stir affection as long as it is in the form of a tale. However, when it comes to reality, it is described as an affliction. Yes… I am talking about true love. This love is something most seek, yet few can claim of its existence for various reasons; if I may say so.

It is said that when someone is in love, they have a tendency to sing their heart out, in-spite of being judged as the world’s worst singer. The heartbeat becomes a loud drum roll announcing the call of being “in love”, which could be heard from afar. The feeling of the so called “nice sensation” of being drugged, despite having taken it. Excuse me for the exaggeration. When none of the mentioned above take place, the conviction of true love becomes just a fantasy.

Once bitten, twice shy – human nature I guess. Betrayal, heartache, and abandonment can lead one to shut the door, bludgeoning love completely. I am sure there will be more reasons that I am unaware of for the doubtful.

As for me… I believe in true love.


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