I Will Bluff And Bluff And Bluff You Away…

It is a jungle out there, so I have been told. And unfortunately no one is born with a guideline in their hands. We crawl, try to stand up, balance our way forward and in the process we stumble and fall. I am pretty much sure that a lot of us have the strength to stand up but I wonder how many of us have the courage to move forward.

Like the three little pigs, when we go out into the world, quite often we come across the big bad wolf or rather wolves. We have to face people who will cunningly whisper, “I will bluff and bluff and bluff you away…”.

We as human beings usually forget The Golden Rule: treat others the way you would like to be treated. If only we try to remember… the world would be a happier place. We can bring up thousands and thousands of excuses to prove ourselves, yet it does not make the wrong right.

One such “wrong” is greed. When our world starts to shake, we try to take action as soon as possible. We close our eyes to the surrounding and blindly proceed crushing everything in our way. Never giving a thought that on our way we have harmed a floundering soul just to get what we want. We would have been able to reach where we want and claimed what is there. But throughout our journey we must have carried the unbearable baggage known as guilt. And your baggage is there to stay. So, dear people it is more important to obey the golden rule than to carry the excess baggage throughout your entire life.

As for the floundering souls, in reply to the big bad wolf, just say “not by the hair of my chinny chin chin” and protect your beautiful souls, protect the goodness in you, stand with dignity and protect humanity even if it is very minute.


6 thoughts on “I Will Bluff And Bluff And Bluff You Away…

  1. whatever we do, we should do with dignity and humility.
    when we point a finger at someone else, 4 of our fingers are pointed towards us …
    this we should always remember and try not find fault but try to find the beauty in everything and everyone.
    that way the four fingers pointing at the self will be pointing at the beauties in the self …

  2. yeah we often forget the ” golden rule” as a result, we r also treated the same way… as the saying goes ” people will treat you the way you treat them”

  3. With all the all the hoopla that goes on around us, as you’ve mentioned, we often forget about the “Golden Rule”. Thanks for reminding. 🙂

  4. Delightful piece. Well written and written from a fresh angle too.
    The thoughts expressed are beautiful and thought provoking.
    Thank you for taking the time to visit, sit by me.

    • It was worth the visit. The poem was beautiful. So much depth in your words. As long as you provide with such poems, I can definitely sit by you 😉

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