A Tribute To Every Father

(Courtesy of MN)

Our beloved Prophet Muhammad (SAW) enlightened us on the importance of mothers. I can never doubt that nor do I disbelieve it. But I never had the privilege of knowing the motherly love. My parents became separated when I was very little. My siblings and I were brought up by my father with the help given by my grandmother. As an adult, I am now much closer to my father’s side of the family. And we are a proud pack.

I never heard my father ever mentioning how tired he gets when trying to do his best for us. We were a handful and each of us were different in nature. I still remember the genuine things that he had done for us. And I now know for a fact how hard it must have been.

He cooked meals. Good meals filled with love. I never went to school hungry. Sometimes he took time away from office just to cook before I went to school. Those days held happy memories. I still remember the first time I saw him cook. I was amazed and pleased. And I remember realizing that he’d never let us miss anything or anyone.

He came for my parents’ meetings. He was among the few fathers who came for their daughters. Parents’ meetings were full of mothers. Rarely did fathers come and mine was one of them. Not only his presence made a difference but he made an effort to know how I was doing in school. I used to look at the other children’s mothers. And then I’ll look up at my father, proudly holding his hands, knowing perfectly that I will never trade my father for anyone else.

He taught me to forgive. I share my stories with him. How some people can be so inconsiderate. The disappointments that I had to face. How some friends can let you down. About the bullies who tries on and on to make your life miserable. And I can only expect one advice in return. “It is not easy to forget but always try to forgive…”. This is not just hollow words from him. I have witnessed very closely how generous he is at forgiving others.

He gave me lessons on money. He told me about the hard times. How he started working at a very young age. How careful he was in spending it. About our house. What an accomplishment it had been to build our home without been indebted to anyone. He always said that one cannot value money unless he has earned it with his time and sweat.

He told me happiness comes within. That it was a blessing which I have to choose. To give myself the authority to find contentment. To look for the little things that I have and let go of the rest. To pray and ask. To have faith in my prayers. If it doesn’t happen then something much better was right around the corner.

He made me believe in myself. As I tread through the unknown, he always gave me hope. Sometimes I make him disappointed. And there are times that I’ve made him proud too. He has and is always there for me. Beaming in my happiness. Crying for my sorrows. Hearing me out and praying for my safety. Making me wait, when I’m confused, for the new sunshine of another day.

Let your fathers know how special they are. A little gesture will be enough. Show the appreciative smile to let them know that you are thankful for everything that they have done.

P.S. I sincerely want to dedicate this post to a young father who is fighting a constant battle everyday of his life for his daughter.


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