Black And White… the era of true beauty

Grandmothers are fascinating storytellers and so was mine. One of the stories goes about a man whose name was “Veboohuththu”. And mind you, this one is a true story that took place in the golden days when people were naturally beautiful, when cosmetics were out of the picture, when friends were able to spot one another without the mascara heavily blurring your eyesight and when people did not mistook you to a goldfish by seeing the brightness of your lips. In short, this was about a time when beauties were beauties.

Now back to our hero. This particular young man was a very colourful character. People revel being around him, as they know something amusing was bound to bounce out of nowhere. Let me elaborate a bit about his interest in beautiful women. One day a man was passing by one of the houses. Now in this house lives a very beautiful girl.Β  The man saw Veboohuththu standing at the entrance, his sarong stuck in the doorway. He was pleading. Saying out loud the girl’s name.Β  Asking repeatedly for her to let go of his sarong, that he was late for home, that he’ll come back tomorrow night. The passer by who witnessed all this was amazed, he was green with envy. Must have broken his heart, for he now stood in the shoes ofΒ  the fainthearted.

Now lets magnify the scene once again through the eyes of reality. The girl was nowhere near the entrance. She wasn’t even aware that someone was at her door having a ball. The thing is, now and then Veboohuththu likes to have a visit to the beauties, stand at their doorway, stuck his sarong and play with the mind of onlookers.

One thing is for sure. Even today we come across people like this. Instead of the sarong, they wear jeans. And most significantly they notice that nowadays everyone is beautiful, the more the merrier. And with all the modern facilities available who needs to stand in the doorway.

Preferably please do read this to the end with a light heart because I can assure you that no male species were hurt during the writing of this post and I’m humbly trying to survive in a man’s world.


11 thoughts on “Black And White… the era of true beauty

  1. hehe…. he wants people to think that all the beautiful girls are running after him…. “men” cant guess what they are thinking… πŸ˜‰ hehe… v true xin, now a dayz they think that everyone is beautiful… guess they dnt understand tht inner beauty is everythn tht matters…

    • Hey Yasmine… guess that’s the cultural gap between us. I got to know those fairy tales like Little Red Riding Hood, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White etc. from books when I was little. Here we have our own folklore, most of the time told by grandparents. You’ll be surprised to know that we do have very interesting children’s stories as well. πŸ™‚

  2. very interesting. Now adays we see some on their phone 24/7 pretending they are on a call just like Veboohuththu on his days. this applies to the girls as well today. πŸ™‚ we see girls use to walk on the road having their mobile on their ear pretending on a conversation. hehehe. Good post btw

  3. now adays i can see so many girls also like this …… =P .. but i can say only one thing …. he’s a legend …. cox so many are following his foot steps now adays … Go Veboo .. =P

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