Steve Jobs’ Wisdom For Graduates

Do I need to take a deep breath now, because at this point my mind is overwhelmed with joy. Months and months of hard work, hectic days and stressful nights have resulted in the achievement of another hurdle that had been crossed. An additional accomplishment in life.

It was a good and simple graduation. There were some encouraging words. Fortunately, unlike before there weren’t any “fashion disasters”. Everyone was dressed quite appropriately, all thanks to some Department Heads who advised beforehand.

Last night as I lay in bed for slumber to envelop me, the very famous commencement address of Steve Jobs came into mind. It was in 2005. At that time he was the CEO of Apple and Pixar Animation Studios.

In his commencement speech at Stanford University, Steve Jobs narrated his life in three stories. It was very interesting and inspiring. First he talked about connecting the dots. How every event in his life played an important part, from his birth to the designing of the Macintosh computer. The difference that it made to his life. How it all connected beautifully, when he looked back. It was kind of to say that everything happens for a reason.

The second story was about love and loss. Here he told about the irony of been fired from the very company which he started. He mentioned how Apple evolved and how he lost it. This made him free again for creation. No matter what, he never stopped loving what he did. His love for new creations made him even more stronger and firm in his beliefs. In his speech he urged to keep looking and not to settle until you find what you love, both to work and personal life.

The third story is about death. Steve Jobs talked about how he was diagnosed with cancer. It was the year 2004. His doctors gave him maximum six months. Later it was revealed that they were wrong. Further examination gave light to higher possibility  that it was curable with surgery. He dramatized the fact on how death can make an individual more certain about the needs and necessities. How he must always learn to be himself and not to imitate someone else.

I know some of you’ll be aiming for further studies. Others will end this journey here. But, which ever path you’ve chosen, find what you love. Find what you truly want to do. This will pave your way for a better future. Congratulations to all the graduates of The Maldives National University. I wish for you to find what you love.


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