Graduation… before that day

Soon I’ll be graduating, saying goodbye to all the hustle and bustle of a place which represents a country in itself. I’m talking about none other than The Maldives National University. From the very first day, up until the last I always minded my own business yet I won’t deny about the times that I wish I hadn’t. I like to admit that it was a good experience. I went there, I saw a lot, sometimes much more than I could absorb but whether it was good or bad I tried to learn something from the outcome.

Throughout the course I observed that there were three types of lecturers. The first type being, the true lecturers, who consider that their duty was to provide knowledge to students so that the students try to seek it beyond the textbooks, libraries and lectures. Personally, I like this type. The second type seems to be the automated who were programmed into their daily routine. The last type being “I don’t give a d***”  type. I’m sorry to be so blunt but it seems that it doesn’t matter to them whether they were able to deliver their knowledge to students or whether the students were able to receive it.

Then there were the students. As it goes that variety is the spice of life, you’ll come across different types of students and it’s… affirmative. Believe me, it’s good to get to know the sub-cultures in our country. As for me, I swam with the tide in the ocean of experience. Different students from different parts of the country, contributing in his or her own way. Some of them whom I like and consider as friends, some I don’t like for various reasons, after all I’m still human, and some I couldn’t care less about.

Then comes “Mr Coordinator”. This is where I failed. His dealings with the students were very ambiguous and sad to state but mostly  irresponsible. I could have voiced out and brought things to the attention of higher authorities. But I kept my silence. I took the easy way out. For whatever reason, I hesitated, and now the moment has passed. Sometimes I stood by the “bad” and gave it victory, when deep in my heart I knew the “good” deserved it more. So I hope that any student who is reading this would not miss their moment in doing the right thing. I missed mine, but now it’s your turn.


5 thoughts on “Graduation… before that day

  1. I think it will remain for a while, since three years back the same problem was there…I wasn’t there but many of my friends graduated from there…they got the same old stuff to talk about..

    I Studied in various institutes and college and the three types of teachers…its there everywhere..!!

    Anyways nice posts and Good Luck for your Graduation 🙂 cheeers

  2. Very true indeed and I was a student at FMC on 2004 and I guess things have changed since then. Back then there were good lecturers and we actually had fun but while studying.

    and congratulations for your graduation.

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