She Won… for the rest of her life

“Kids at school used to bully her, not without a reason. She was poor. Her clothes were dirty. Both her parents were drug addicts. The feeling of an outcast made her flee from school. Then her parents got separated. Her father left the flat where they use to live. After that her mother died. She became homeless. She was never the type to give up and thought of finishing high school in spite of being much older than the rest. Subways and staircases became her study area. She graduated in second place from her class and gained a scholarship to Harvard University. Moved to her own apartment. The first thing that she did after that was to search for her father who now had cancer. Fortunately he was clean and counting his last days. She was glad to be able to spend the rest of his days together. His last words were that he had stopped dreaming a long time back and he was happy to see his dreams fulfilled by his daughter.”

A few weeks back I was watching this particular girl, of course now a woman in her  thirties on television. It was a repeat telecast of Oprah Winfrey’s show. They were celebrating “Thank You Day”. I was glued to the screen, amazed by this woman who wanted to thank her then neighbour for being like a parent to her when she was in the middle of all this chaos.  I was questioning myself that how can someone be so strong and so forgiving. From the very beginning, life was never a fairytale to her, yet she came out with flying colours. How can she be so real when all we see is people becoming bitter in such situations. Maybe Mahatma Gandhi had people like her on his mind when he said to be the change you want to see in the world. After watching the show that day, I found inner peace knowing that there is still some good left in this world.


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